Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Background and Platform Details

  • A resident of Florida since 1968
  • First resided in Cape Canaveral in 1996
  • US Vietnam Era Veteran
  • City historian (volunteer) since 2008
  • Author of 'Images of America: Cape Canaveral'
  • Advocate for mixed-use zoning and historic districts
  • Attended Eastern Florida State College majors included; market research and human resources
  • A frequent participant at city council meetings and workshops
  • Organized solar tours of businesses and homes
  • Numerous social media resources
  • Owner and director of A1A Research, Inc.
  • Current research topics of interest include; IRL cleanup. community solar gardens.grid agnostic solar arrays.climate adaption strategies. historic districts for preservation projects, and mixed-use zoning.
  • Employed as a licensed health insurance agent for Medicare and under 65 plans

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