Saturday, September 14, 2019

Time to Make a Difference: Historic Preservation

One of my favorite quotes for my campaign, "Communities can be shaped by choice, or they can be shaped by chance. We can keep on accepting the kind of communities we get, or we can start creating the kind of communities we want".— Richard Moe, National Trust for Historic Preservation

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Background and Platform Details

  • A resident of Florida since 1968
  • First resided in Cape Canaveral in 1996
  • US Vietnam Era Veteran
  • City historian (volunteer) since 2008
  • Author of 'Images of America: Cape Canaveral'
  • Advocate for mixed-use zoning and historic districts
  • Attended Eastern Florida State College majors included; market research and human resources
  • A frequent participant at city council meetings and workshops
  • Organized solar tours of businesses and homes
  • Numerous social media resources
  • Owner and director of A1A Research, Inc.
  • Current research topics of interest include; IRL cleanup. community solar gardens.grid agnostic solar arrays.climate adaption strategies. historic districts for preservation projects, and mixed-use zoning.
  • Employed as a licensed health insurance agent for Medicare and under 65 plans

Platform Overview

Candidate Raymond 'Ray' Osborne' is proactive in assisting in the challenges of our community. With his expertise and experience in research, he will help direct our city in making wise choices for smart growth. With research and implementation, we can find solutions for; clean water in our lagoon and ocean, safeguarding a clean environment with its rich biodiversity, clean energy such as using solar to the benefit of our community, and smart growth planning that includes but not limited to climate adaption, historic preservation and mixed-use zoning for economic growth.